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Your Location : Tips of Living : A Pointer to Public Transport for People with Disabilities : Taxis
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TaxiAt present, there are 18,138 taxis providing a personalized form of public transport. There are three types of taxis, namely Urban taxis, New Territories taxis and Lantau taxis. Taxis probably provide the most convenient point-to-point services for people with disabilities. All taxi hire charges are by meter and at approved fare scales. Wheelchairs, crutches or any other articles used by passengers with disabilities as an aid to or a means of mobility are carried free of charge.

As at December 2004, about 18,100 LPG taxis have been installed with Braille and tactile vehicle registration number plate on the rear left hand side door. Besides, more than 8,500 LPG taxis have been installed with talking taxi meters which can announce messages such as "Welcome to take this taxi", "Registration number of the taxi", "Fasten your seatbelt", "You have reached the destination", "Total fare of the trip" and "Thank You" in Cantonese, Putonghau or English. Both the plate and talking taxi meter can help passengers with visual impairment to know the taxi registration number in case that they want to raise appreciation or lodge a complaint on the taxi services provided.

Braille and tactile taxi registration plate inside LPG taxi compartment
Braille and tactile taxi registration plate inside LPG taxi compartment
Passenger with a disability boards/alights a taxi in restricted zone
Passenger with a disability boards/alights a taxi in restricted zone
Urban taxis Telephone

Chuen Lee RadioTaxi Association Ltd.

2398 1881

City Taxi O.D. Association Co. Ltd.

2343 3189

Fraternity Taxi Owners Association

2527 6324

Royal Motors Taxi Company Ltd.

2571 2929

Happy Taxi Operator's Association Ltd.

2728 8282

Hong Kong & Kowloon Radio Car Owners Association Ltd.

2760 0455

Hong Kong & Kowloon Rich Radio

2729 1199

Hong Kong Kowloon Taxi & Lorry Owners Association Ltd.

2572 0097

Hong Kong Taxi Centre

2574 7311

Pak Kai Taxi Owners Association Ltd.

2728 2281

Abbo Taxi Owners Association Ltd.

2383 0168

Rights of Taxi (Si Hai) Telecommunication Center Ltd.

2332 2571

Sha Tin Taxi Service Association Ltd.

2332 2571

Taxicom Vehicle Owners Association Ltd.

2529 8822

The Kowloon Taxi Owners Association Ltd.

2760 0411

The Taxi Operators Association Ltd.

2362 2337

United Friendship Taxi Owners & Drivers Association Ltd.

2760 0477

United Radio Taxi & Goods Vehicle Association Ltd.

2332 2477

Wai Fat Taxi Owners Association Ltd.

2861 1008

Wai Yik H.K. & Kln. & N.T. Taxi Owners Association Ltd.

2776 7885

Wing Lee Radio Car Traders Association Ltd.

2397 0922

Wing Tai Car Owners & Drivers Association Ltd.

2527 8524

Yik Sun Radiocabs Operators Association Ltd.

2394 0111
NT taxis Telephone

Fanling Taxi-Call Services Centre

2669 1088

Hong Kong & Kowloon Rich Radio

2729 1199

H.K. Tele-call Taxi Association Ltd.

2675 7688

North District Taxi Merchants Association Ltd.

2677 8888

NT Business Car Operator Fraternal Association Ltd.

2457 2266

NT Taxi Owners & Drivers Fraternal Association Ltd.

2457 2266

Taxi Association Ltd.

2383 0168

Sun Hing Taxi Radio Association Ltd.

2450 2288

Tang's Taxi Companies Association Ltd.

2475 0417

The Association of NT Radio Taxicab Ltd.

2657 2267

The Fraternity Association of NT Taxi Merchants

2478 8332

NT Taxi Merchants Association Ltd.

2476 4247
Lantau taxis Telephone

Lantau Taxi Association

2984 1328
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